Platinum Series Indoor Entrance Mat

The Platinum Series Indoor Entrance Mat Backed with 100% rubber, these mats are both beautiful and durable. Available in a wide variety of colors, there is sure to be an option to fit any decor. Lush, solution dyed, nylon carpet covers these mats, trapping dust and moisture below the surface as traffic enters your building.



  • Entranceways
  • Lobbies
  • Hallways
  • High traffice walkways
  • Service Counters
  • Office waiting areas and personal offices
  • Breakroom and vending areas
  • Ice Machines
  • Water fountains

Features & Benefits

  • Launderable
  • Stain & heat resistant
  • Crush resistant
  • Colourfast solution dyed carpet top
  • Suited to high foot traffic applications
  • Lays flat: reducing trip hazards


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Product Description

Surface: Carpet/ Nylon
Backing: Nitrile Rubber
Height: 6mm
Care: Launderable, vacuum, sweep or hose 
Foot Traffic: High
Area: Wet & dry
Edge: Low Profile
Cross Section6mm-332x49




The Warehouse Of Mats Advantage, is the unique mat building process, used by Millennium Mats. They are the only manufacturer that adds an extra bead of rubber to reinforce mat edges and give mats a clean finished look. In addition, this assists the mat to lay flat on the floor. This applies to our Inkjet Logo Mats, High Definition Logo Mats, Platinum Series Indoor Entrance Mats and Laundry Mats.

Carpet is automatically cut and placed on rubber sheets, such that the bead (tall part of the edge profile runs the edge of the carpet edge. The benefits of this application are:

  • Crisp and clean edge finish due to precise placement of carpet next to the bead.
  • Excellent resistance of carpet de-lamination due to penetration of bead into the carpet edge.
  • Higher tear resistance due to large rubber volume on the edge, where a mat is most vulnerable to tear.
  • Assists the mat to lay flat on the floor without ripples.

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Competitors mats, without the extra bead advantage, de-laminate , tear and ripple when on the floor.

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Colours Available


Due to differences in light and screen resolutions, actual colours may vary slightly, from on screen colour samples.