SafetyChef Connect Mat

The SafetyChef Connect Mat provides a safe and secure floor surface. They are designed to securely snap / connect together in larger areas where more than one mat is required. The circular pattern allows spilled liquids to drain, minimising slips and falls due to wet floors. The lightweight rubber provides support and traction, yet is easy to move.

Features & Benefits

  • Light duty, connectable rubber mats; unwanted connectors trim off easily
  • Available in grease-proof terracotta and grease-resistant black
  • Anti-skid mats provide safe and comfortable surface
  • Great for use as workshop mats or as mats for the kitchen
  • Easy to install interlocking cushioned flooring with individual tiles that join together to fit any size application
  • Drainage mats with holes for liquids and debris to fall through to subsurface; leaves a cleaner walkway for foot traffic
  • Natural and reclaimed rubber material makes your flooring non-slip with excellent traction
  • Cushioned floor provides anti-fatigue comfort for employees that are constantly on their feet

Product Description

Surface: Rubber
Backing: Rubber
Height: 9.5 mm
Care:Sweep or hose 
Foot Traffic: High
Area: Wet & dry
Edge: Bevelled & Cleated edges
Cross Section: SafetyChef_Mat_Cross_Sec


  • 850mm x 850mm (linkable tiles)


  • Black
  • Black /Yellow
  • Terracotta