Weldsafe Mats | Welding Matting

Designed specifically for use in welding areas. Weldsafe offers anti-fatigue comfort where it was previously thought impossible. The durable specially formulated and anti flamable pebbled rubber surface expertly repels sparks and hot metal shards while the super resilient sponge base takes the pain our of long-term standing. By far the best welding mat on the market used successfully for over a decade.

Features & Benefits

  • Great for Twin Stacked Appliances
  • Reduces Noise, Slipping & Vibrations
  • Easily Cleaned
  • Durable
  • Repels sparks and hot metal shards.
  • Designed for worker’s comfort.
  • Takes the pain out of standing, alleviates leg and back stress and minimises overall body fatigue.

Product Description

  • Surface: Anti – Flamable pebbled top
  • Compound: Specially formulated rubber surface, buoyant sponge base
  • Care: Hose or Sweep
  • Area: Wet/Dry
  • Border: Bevels on all sides
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Profile: weld-safe-1_1


  • 900 x 600mm,
  • 900 x 1500mm
  •  900mm wide runner cut to size