CleanRoom Sticky Mat

The CleanRoom Sticky Mat removes dust, dirt and impurities from shoes before entering a clean-room.

These sticky mats come as a pad of peel away tacky sheets, suited for use at entrances to ‘clean’ environments such as a laboratory or electronic equipment works.


Features & Benefits

  • Anti-microbial surface
  • Attracts and contains dirt and dust
  • Strong adhesive surface
  • Removes dirt and dust in sensitive areas
  • 30 sheets per mat / pad

Product Description

Surface: Adhesive
Backing: NA
Height: 3 mm
Care:Peel off contaminated layer
Foot Traffic: High
Area: Dry
Edge: Unedged

  • 455 x 915mm
  • 455 x 1140mm
  • 610 x 915mm
  • 660 x 1140mm
  • 915 x 1140mm