By standing out right at the point of purchase, the FloorWindo® increases brand awareness and drives sales.


Smooth and sleek will best describe the design of the latest generation of FloorWindo. It’s modern lines will help to entice advertisers to choose an exchangeable floor advertising as part of their in-store communication strategy.

Smooth and sleek will best describe the design of the latest generation of FloorWindo. It’s modern lines will help to entice advertisers to choose an exchangeable floor advertising as part of their in-store communication strategy.

A0, A1 and 4x A4 Poster Size Advertising Displays for on the Floor

The quick and easy floor advertising solutions

FloorWindo is the reusable and long-term solution for in-store floor advertising. After spending countless hours optimizing your shop layout, isle configuration, storefront and much, much more, you don’t want your in-store advertising to undo all of your hard work. Designed to use as little space as possible and to look as crisp as the rest of your store, the FloorWindo is the ideal floor advertising solution!

Available in 3 different sizes (A0A1 and 4 xA4), there is always a FloorWindo that meets your needs. These standard poster sizes can be conveniently printed by your local print shop. Your printed promotion can be updated monthly, weekly or even daily at a fraction of the cost of a floor sticker. No specialized help or equipment required, no corners that peel off or catch dirt. You or your staff can simply repositionreactivate or re-arrange your promotion in a matter of seconds. FloorWindo equals cost-effective in-store floor advertising!
Over 20 years of experience in retail shop displays has resulted in the fifth generation of the FloorWindo. With design features and looks that compliment your store, it fits in from the most modern jewellery boutique to a car showroom, a supermarket or even a DIY store. It has a fully transparent window that stretches form side to side and from top to bottom, giving it the highest level of impact resistance. At the same time, it’s slip resistant and beautifully curved towards the floor in all directions making it easy to roll over with trolleys and shopping carts. Equipped with the FloorfiX™ Anti-slip Grid, it holds the FloorWindo firmly in place no matter how much traffic goes over it. This fifth generation is available in poster size A1 which is the most common and frequently used size. It gives a maximum impact at anexcellent price.

 New promotion? Unlike messy stickers, you can simply reuse and reposition the FloorWindo® for many promotions and update the graphics in just seconds

  • Reusable for all your promotions
  • Update poster in seconds
  • Easy to maintain and reposition
  • CleargriP™ scratch-resistant surface
  • Anti-slip bottom requires no messy adhesives
  • ADA Compliant • NFSI Certified (National Floor Safety Institute for slip resistance)
  • TÜV Certified • A1 size also available with a glossy window


Effective & Easy to Use

Never has floor advertising been so effective and so easy to use as with the FloorWindo® exchangeable poster display.


Reactivate your Campaign

With the emotional impact of your poster in a FloorWindo®, you reactivate your advertising campaign right where it matters the most!



The FloorWindo® 5 makes it even easier to update graphics. A stiffer redesiged construction allows for easy handling and storage.



The FloorWindo® can be customised with a coloured frame and up to fullcolour screenprinting in the window. The unique extended window protects the frame colour from dirt and scuffs. Available from 500 pieces

Features & Benefits FloorWindo®

  • Anti-slip base requires no messy adhesives
  • High quality image insert
  • Side load graphic for easier replacement
  • Effective floor advertising
  • Ultra-slim poster display
  • Reusable for all your promotions
  • Easy to maintain & reposition
  • Increases brand awareness and drives sales
  • Custom frame available (Minimum 500 units)


For every need a different size!

FloorWindo® A1

5-Series A1 poster format 841mm x 594mm


FloorWindo® AO

Next Generation AO poster format 1189mm x 841mm


FloorWindo® 4A4

4A4 -Series poster format 841mm x 297mm


There’s a reason why the world’s leading brands and retailers choose Windo® display products for their in-store promotions.

They are the ideal solution for most retail environments including post offices and sales kiosks, banks or fast food restaurants to display pricing, promotions, etc.


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Product Description

Product Specifications

  • Surface: Transparent thermoplastic
  • Backing: Thermo plastic elastomere ( 4A4, A0, B1 )
  • Backing:PES / Glass fibre yarn coated with an acrylate adhesive ( A1 )
  • Size: 4A4, A1, A0
  • Thickness:4.5mm
  • Size:B1
  • Thickness:7.0mm
  • Area:Dry
  • Care: Wipe down
  • Sizes:
  • 297 x 841mm (4A4)
  • 594 x 841mm (A1)
  • 841 x 1189mm (A0)
  • 707 x 1000mm (B1)