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Bar Mats

The Bar Mat is perfect for point of sale or branding applications for Clubs, Pubs, Restauarants and any other Bar situation . A multitude of colours can be printed onto the mat to tie in with a marketing campaign or a simple two colour logo can be used for maximum impact.

The printing method for the Bar Mat enables near photographic quality images to be reproduced displaying vivid colour and high resolution.

Features & Benefits Bar Mats

  • Full colour digital print
  • Short term promotional use
  •     Nitrile rubber backed and edged
  •     Launderable
  •     Cost effective
  •     High photographic quality print


Warehouse Of Mats will only print logos for the owners of the logos and the owners’ licensees and authorised representatives. Obtaining permission to reproduce  a registered trademark or logo, is the responsibility of the customer, placement of an order to reproduce  a registered trademark or logo, will be accepted as permission has been granted to the person, persons or corporation placing the order..

Colours on artwork and finished product may not be an exact match to those trademarks and logos.

Any colours shown are examples only. Warehouse Of Mats will endeavor at all times to match colours as closely as possible.

Mat dimensions may not be exact and are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances.

Product Description

Product Specifications

  • Surface: Polyester
  • Backing: Nitrile Rubber
  • Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Care: Laundrable
  • Area: Wet & dry
  • Edge:Low profile
  • Barmat size: 870 x 235


Digital Art:Save all PC / FREEHAND files as ‘Vector Based’ .eps files.
Save all Corel draw files as Illustrator .ai files.
Compress all larger files with DropStuff.™ or WINZIP.
Save fonts as outlines or supply appropriate font folders.
Include listed PMS colours of all logos intended for use – required for colour matching.
Supply files on CD or on a 250MB Zip disk.™.
E-mail files smaller than 10MB
Provide all four colour process art with a hard copy colour proof.referred Programs:If your artwork is ‘spot coloured’ then our preferred artwork format is Adobe Illustrator

Version CS4 or lower) .ai or .eps files.

If your artwork includes photographs then our preferred format is Adobe Photoshop .PSD

layered files with CMYK colouring at a radio of 1:1 and a minimum 300 PPI.

Please also include a low resolution image for our reference and convert all text into curves to assist with

any work your process artwork may require.

Please include any incorporated vector art and fonts included separately – as specified above.
Please include a colour proof or printout for matching purposes.

If your artwork has been approved for position you may supply it as:

– vector / pixel based .eps or .tiff ensuring that it is saved as CMYK 300 PPI at final size.