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Exhibition Tiles

Make your booth stand out at your next Trade Show or Exhibition, with our Exhibition Tiles. Exhibition Tiles are a great promotional tool that cut through the advertising clutter. Brilliant, stunning life like images for high exposure of your brands and logos.

The base of our tiles are made from 100% NBR foamed rubber, with the surface being 100% knitted velour polyester.

Other products on the market, use spun or needle punch polyester, which has minimal resistance to abrasion, consequently when walked on, will very quickly pill.

This pilling effect will rapidly have a detrimental effect on the quality of the image, resulting in a short life span.

The base being 1005 NBR foamed rubber, has no smell and a very high non slip rating. It will not curl or crack and contains no impurities.

It is resistant to oil, grease, bleach and most chemicals.

Being foamed rubber, by definition it also has the added benefit of being an anti fatigue mat, a real benefit if you are on your feet all day at an exhibition or trade show.

As the printing process is full colour, digital dye sublimation, there is no limitation on colours or design, and photographic images can be reproduced.

During the printing process, sufficient ink is used to ensure the images are transferred deep into the fabric, ensuring the image will not wear away, giving the tile a longer life cycle.

Features & Benefits

Exhibition Tiles


  • Up to 4 spot colour print with logo colours closely PMS matched
  • Sharp and vibrant logo definition
  • UV stable
  • Rot resistant
  • Marine grade polypropylene carpet top
  • Unique in-house printing method produces raised lettering effect
  • Flecked base mat colouring hides dirt and debris
  • Rugged needle punch carpet top
  • Removes dirt and moisture from shoes
  • Medium to high foot traffic
  • Low profile edging keeps mat flat and in position
  • Chemical resistant vinyl backing and edging
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Product Description


Product Specifications

Surface: 100% knitted velour polyester
Backing: 100% NBR foamed rubber
Thickness: 4mm
Care: Vacuum, sweep or hose Warm, hand-wash with mild soaps or detergents,Portable carpet cleaner
Foot Traffic: Medium / high
Area: Dry
Print: Full colour, digital dye sublimation


Exhibition Tiles are available in the sizes below: