Fit & Zip Display Walls Portable Wall System.

New Fit & Zip Display Walls

Do you want a DRAMATIC IMPACT? It is yours to
have quickly and easily with our new FIT & ZIP
display walls. They are the perfect solution for
events, tradeshows, exhibitions, conferences,
media launches, office receptions, and meeting
rooms. We offer you bold and richly coloured
banners with seamless tension in a light weight,
easy to construct, and carry, vibrant wall.


Product Description

Half the cost of traditional walls
Lightweight aluminium construction
Packs into a small easy carry case
Cost effective interchangeable skins
Will not Crack, peel, or curl
Great impact in minutes
Easy to use
Eco friendly
Eye Catching
Beautifully Textured
These interchangeable skins are
the point of difference and are
unique to our product


2300 w)mm x 2900 (h)mm
1829 (w)mm x 1524 (h)mm
2438 (w)mm x 1524 (h)mm